Anti-Icky-Poo Stain Remover Quart w/ Sprayer


This formula has been revered by pet owners and carpet cleaners across the nation for being so tough on stains yet gentle enough to use on homes with animals. MisterMax’s Stain Remover is perfect for removing all types of stains from food, wine, blood, vomit, urine, and much more. It is a great product to keep in your car and use on your cars interior, even if you have leather seats.


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If making your home look brand new again is one of your primary concerns, then the Stain Remover is the product for you. No job is too small for MisterMax’s Stain Remover. Watch those pesky pet stains disappear as the Stain Remover magically erases them. Unlike other popular stain removers on the market which contain acids, solvents, and caustic chemicals, MisterMax’s Stain Remover is powerful on stains without the harmful and toxic side effects.

We’ve even found comments of people using the Stain Remover on their clothing, while wearing it! It’s great at removing all types of stains including food, red wine, blood, and vomit.

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